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What is the wedding attire? 

Our wedding is Black Tie Optional; gowns for women (springtime color or florals encouraged, but not mandatory!) and suit & tie or tux's for men. 

*Please note our wedding venue is an outdoor ranch. Our ceremony and reception will be on grass, and the cocktail hour will be on gravel. That said, please choose appropriate footwear. We do not recommend stilettos.

What if I miss the shuttle?

 If you miss the shuttle, you will miss our wedding! You can not drive onto our venue property in a car or an uber/taxi. Please make sure to leave sufficient time and be prompt. Shuttles will begin loading at 2:30 and will leave by 3:00.

What is "Moroccan Attire" for the Welcome Party?

Moroccan attire is not mandatory, but encouraged if you'd like to! Our welcome party will include a Moroccan Henna celebration. In Moroccan tradition, a Henna party celebrates the ceremony of staining the skin with henna, to represent good luck before the wedding. It is custom to wear traditional Moroccan clothing such as Caftans and Djelabas. However, standard Cocktail Attire is perfectly acceptable.

Will there be dinner served at the welcome party?

The Welcome Party is not a dinner; only drinks and small bites will be provided. Please make plans to eat your dinner before arriving to our Welcome Party. 

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