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What happens when an alien and an astronaut walk into a bar? ...They fall in love, of course! 


     Well, they don't fall in love right away. But the first part is true; Andie and Jake met at a Halloween party in 2018, where as fate would have it, Andie was dressed as an alien and Jake as an astronaut. They hit it off right away, then found themselves spending the next 48 hours straight together as their mutual friend group attended a slew of Halloween weekend festivities- including a full day of tailgating and a Ram's game, where they learned of their mutual love of chicken tenders. Suffice to say, they quickly realized that they don't get sick of each other easily. Their first official date was the following week, and the rest was history.


     The past five years have been nothing short of an adventure. Andie's travel bug has rubbed off on Jake, and their favorite memories have been made exploring new places together, near and far. They've been each other's biggest supporters through major career changes: Andie starting her business, and Jake entering the world of Real Estate. They share in each other's passions like playing softball (albeit in different leagues; Jake's being much more competitive of course), watching Survivor, skiing as much as possible, and Jake even has Andie rooting for NY sports teams... sometimes.



     On the month of their fourth anniversary, Jake decided it was time to pop the question. He proposed on October 1st with a beautifully planned and perfectly intimate proposal. Andie had been working a pop-up shop all day, which Jake usually keeps her company at- but he couldn't that day, because "he was golfing" (Jake was so committed to the bit, he helped her set up that morning in his golf outfit!). He told Andie to hurry back to her mom's after work, so they could get ready for a friend's party in her neighborhood. When Andie arrived at the doorstep though, she quickly realized that it was all a ploy... she opened the front door to a hallway flooded with rose petals and candles. The path led past tables of framed photos, and out to the backyard where Jake stood under the gazebo- with the biggest grin on his face. He took Andie's hands, got on one knee, and asked her to marry him. It was a feeling Andie will never forget. Family and friends soon began to arrive, and they spent the night celebrating the beginning of forever!

     Now that wedding planning is well underway, they CAN NOT WAIT to celebrate with all the most important people in their lives!

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